Hi, I’m Danni!

I’m here to help you heal your relationship with food and with yourself.

Sick of stressing about food?

I know you.

You worry that you’re not eating the right things.  You wish your body looked differently.  You sometimes think it would be easier if you didn’t have to eat at all.

You know food doesn’t have to be stressful, right?  It can actually be fun and delicious and nourishing all at once.

And I know, hating your body is part of the reason you’re so stressed about food. You’ve been doing it for as long as you can remember – perhaps your whole life – and you don’t even know where to begin on this whole “self love” thing.

I know you because I’ve been you.  And I know you because I help women all over the world, just like you, to heal their relationship with food and with themselves.

Imagine how free you would feel if you were confident in yourself and your body.

I truly believe that we always have a choice.  You can choose to keep stressing about food, keep trying new diets, keep hating your body and covering up, and keep holding yourself back from being the person you know you can be..

Or, you can get some support.  You can learn new ways of preparing healthy meals without stress or overwhelm.  You can work with a professional to boost your confidence, rediscover yourself, learn to love & accept yourself just as you are.. and implement super simple stress-busting habits that make you feel like you’ve got everything under control.

How do we get there?

My unique combination of naturopathy & kinesiology helps clear physical, emotional and mental blocks to your wellbeing.  We’ll work with your diet, your emotions around food, memories/beliefs/family patterns, body image, self-care, and heaps more.  My aim is to get you feeling happier, more energetic, waaaay more confident in yourself.  Do you have any idea how much self-confidence will impact your life?   

How do 1:1 consultations work?

All 1:1 consultations are conducted online via Zoom (video call).  Consultations involve a blend of naturopathy, nutrition, kinesiology & coaching.  Each session is 100% tailored to your needs and health goals.

A session with me can vary greatly in what we focus on – be it physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, or a combination.  That’s the beauty of kinesiology – it guides and focuses the session, depending on what you need!

All sessions are up to 60mins and cost $180 AUD.  Packages are also available – click here to view options.

How does kinesiology work online?

The important thing to understand is that everything is energy.  During 1:1 sessions, I am able to tap into your energy and use muscle testing on myself to gain clarity, direction and treatment for you.

I have worked both in-person and online with many, many clients and find that I am always able to get to the root of the issue quicker when we work via Zoom.  I’m just more intuitive that way!

My clients love online consultations because they don’t have to leave the house, and they don’t have to get a babysitter for the kids.  Plus, I totally won’t know if you’re wearing pyjama pants!

How do you figure out what's wrong?

You know your body.  If something seems “not quite right” then my job is to get to the bottom of what’s going on.  There’s a few ways I can do this.

Kinesiology is a great way to gently uncover some of the factors contributing to your current health.  I can also refer you for any necessary testing, whether it’s a blood test with your doctor, food intolerance testing or very specific functional tests that aren’t available through your GP.  

My years of study and experience mean I know exactly what to  look for when it comes to identifying what’s out of balance for you.  I don’t “guess” when it comes to your health.  And if you feel like something’s out of whack – it probably is! (Even if your blood tests at the doctor came back “fine”).

How many sessions will I need?

I generally like to set the expectation of starting with 6 appointments, and these are best done fortnightly over three months.  This gives you the best opportunity to see long-lasting results.  

However, the number of sessions you need ongoing is, of course, completely individual to you.

I’m not the kind of practitioner that wants you to rely on me forever – I want to empower you with the knowledge and tools you need to support your own health and happiness, long-term.


I don't need 1:1 sessions, what else is there?

If you’re on a budget, or you don’t need 1:1 support from me – good news! I have plenty of other resources available for you.

There’s my signature 8 week program  *coming soon*

I also have a bunch of ebooks and mini-programs, all of which you can browse by clicking here.


“Your advice has helped so much. I’ve noticed serious changes. I don’t binge eat, my moods are more stable throughout the day, I don’t get HANGRY. Seriously magic advice.” – K. d’Artois

“Thank you Danni. You are a true credit to your industry and showed me that a healthier diet is absolutely achievable in my busy life.” – R. Williams

I think we’ve all come to expect that change should be difficult, but I tell everyone that with you, it’s the complete opposite! I love what’s changed for me in just two weeks… I can’t wait for more and I can’t thank you enough for being such an incredibly skilled professional.” -D. Marsh

Ready to get started?

Quit Stressing About Food!

Want practical strategies to simplify healthy eating for you & your family? I’ve written a book for that! Available as print or e-book.

The 8 Week Program

If you’ve been waiting for someone to come along and rescue you from the stress & overwhelm of healthy eating – my 8 week program does just that.

Work with me 1:1

Sometimes, you need a little more support with your health, or perhaps your child’s health.  1:1 sessions are available via video call online.