Chia PuddingBy Dannielle IllingworthThis is one of my favourite snacks - high in protein and omega 3 fats, high in fibre and a number of essential minerals, and it kinda tastes like a dessert! Winning.
Banana BreadBy Dannielle IllingworthI must admit, I'm a massive fan of banana bread. But I've swapped the store-bought, sugar- and fat-laden version for this healthier kind - and it's absolutely delicious!
Simple Homemade HummusBy Dannielle IllingworthHummus is great - full of protein, fibre, essential fats and calcium. You can have it as a snack with vegetable sticks or crackers, on toast for breakfast, or as a dressing with a salad. Hummus is a staple part of my diet - I often wonder what I ate before I discovered it!
Dairy-Free Chocolate SmoothieBy Dannielle IllingworthThis smoothie is a healthy alternative to chocolate milkshakes, and can be enjoyed as a complete meal or snack - with a healthy balance of carbs, protein and fat. Raw cacao is a good source of magnesium and is a natural metabolism-booster.
Apricot Protein BallsBy Dannielle IllingworthDried apricots and oats are a winning combo in these little balls. A perfect snack for any time of day, full of protein, healthy fats and glucose to keep your brain functioning properly!
Zucchini SliceBy Dannielle IllingworthZucchini slice is one of those super-versatile meals - have it for breakfast, lunch, dinner or as a snack. Most kids will love it too, especially if it's extra cheesy. I actually have to make double of this recipe every time, otherwise hubby eats it all and leaves none for me!
Egg & Veg CupsBy Dannielle IllingworthIt's true what they say - eggs really are the original superfood.  Whether you're eating keto, wanting to lose weight, or just have a really healthy snack - these egg and veg cups are perfect!  Kind of like a cheat's quiche.  They're free from gluten and super high in protein and nutrients.  Have them for breakfast, lunch or dinner and enjoy cold or heated up.  Super simple!
Cacao Protein BallsBy Dannielle IllingworthThe sweetness of dates, the richness of cacao powder, and the protein power of almonds combine in this winning recipe. Great as a snack or sweet treat!