1:1 Coaching

Choose from monthly packages or pay as you go for individual appointments.

Are you spending your days feeling tired, stressed and overwhelmed?

The reason I’m so passionate about working with women is because I get it: you get so wrapped up in trying to look perfect, act perfect and do things perfectly that you miss out on the important stuff in life.  I want to help you feel more energetic, more confident, healthier, happier and in control every day – so that you can spend your precious time on what truly matters.

My goal is to help you become the
healthiest and happiest version of yourself. 

What to expect:

Your first appointment

The first appointment is all about you: I spend time gathering all the details I need about your past and current health (physical, mental and emotional) and, of course, we’ll discuss your goals & what you want to achieve through working with me.  We’ll also get started on identifying and working with the root cause of your current relationship with food and body image.

A completely holistic approach

My unique combination of naturopathy, nutrition, kinesiology and counselling means I’m not just looking at your diet and exercise.  My approach is completely holistic, so we’ll be discussing mental and emotional health just as much as your physical health.  This means we don’t miss any pieces of the puzzle when addressing your whole health.

Treatment options, depending on your needs

Nutritional guidance, motivation support, counselling techniques, kinesiology, emotional clearing, herbal medicine and flower essences are just a few of the modalities I have available.  Each session is completely individualised according to your needs & health goals.

The changes that I have made in my life since I started working with Danni are phenomenal. 
I love receiving Danni’s intuitive guidance to help me work through the issues that I am facing with my body and food. 
Danni gets it. She understands the deeper meaning behind the issues and gently guides you to make the changes you need to make. 
I highly recommend working with Danni.
Melissa Zammit

My Approach

I don’t see health as something defined, but rather, something that looks and feels different for each individual.  I don’t think perfection is ‘real’.  I don’t believe that what works for one person should work for everyone.

I believe it’s not about “all or nothing”.  I believe there is no “good” and “bad” food.  And for that fact, there is no “being good” or “being bad” when it comes to healthy eating.

‘Healthy’ is about doing the best you can.  It’s about taking care of your body so that you feel good, not to look good.   Health is not just physical, but mental and emotional and spiritual, too.  

Looking after your health can be really, really simple.  It can be stress-free, uncomplicated, and inexpensive.  And I’m here to show you how.

How It Works

Scientific Background

I’ve done all the study necessary to help you with your health goals – four years at university for my Naturopathy Degree, 18 months training as a kinesiologist, and loads of other short courses and workshops.. all so I can be a great practitioner for you.

An Intuitive Edge

Over the years, I’ve come to realise that my intuition plays an important role in client sessions.  I often pick up on sensations, feelings or memories that you might not even be aware of – and when we clear those through kinesiology, it can have a huge impact.


Coaching & Support

I’m not your average naturopath, so we’re not going to spend every session talking about food.  

I’m a big believer in supporting emotional and mental health – utilising my additional training in kinesiology, counselling and coaching.

Danni is very grounded and calm, providing a steady, clear perspective while discussing how to navigate issues in your life.

She has great insights, tools, and recommendations.

Melissa Holtz

3 Month Package

With fortnightly sessions over 3 months, this package is the most popular way to start working with me.  Fortnightly sessions is a great way to set you up for consistent and lasting success.  Save $30 per session


What's included?

– fortnightly coaching sessions with me, over three months = total of six 1:1 sessions (normally $1,080)
– access to private Facebook group, with support from myself and other members
free copy of my ebook: “Quit Stressing About Food!: Practical steps to simplify healthy eating for the whole family”

Total cost is $900 over 3 months (saving $180 total). Payments are automated each month for a total of 3 months.


5 Month Package

My premium package is a five month program, with nine 1:1 sessions included.  Available for new and existing clients, this package accelerates your progress – perfect for those super committed to change.  Save $33 per session


What's included?

– total of nine 1:1 coaching sessions with me over five months (normally $1,620)
– access to private Facebook group, with support from myself and other members
autographed copy of my book: “Quit Stressing About Food!: Practical steps to simplify healthy eating for the whole family” posted to you (Aus & NZ only)

 Total cost is $1,320 over 6 months (saving $300). Payments are automated each month for a total of 5 months.

Pay per session

If you prefer, you can book and pay for each session as you go.  All sessions are one hour in length and cost $180. 


What's included?

– pay for each session as you need (please note that Facebook group access is not included in this option)


Wanna have a chat first?

I know that signing up to a coaching program can feel like a big leap into the unknown – if you’re unsure which package is right for you, or you just wanna have a chat and make sure we’re a good fit, please book in for a free intro session.


What's included?

We’ll have a 20 min chat about your goals and what you’re wanting to achieve, and I’ll answer any questions you might have about working with me.  The intro session is a great chance for us both to make sure we’re a good fit to work together.  We can also discuss which package is right for you, or whether you’d like to pay as you go for appointments.



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