Food Freedom

4 Week Program

Put an end to emotional eating, uncontrollable food cravings, binge eating and yo-yo dieting. 

Imagine not stressing about food anymore..

Whether you want to lose weight, change your eating habits, overcome emotional eating or get your cravings under control – the truth is, you’ve gotta work from the ground up.

Over four weeks, I will help you reduce stress and guilt around food, break the cycle of emotional eating and binge eating, and regain a sense of control over your food choices.

What’s included?

Weekly coaching calls

In a small group of four, you’ll have access to weekly group coaching calls over the four week program.  These sessions are valued at $180 each – saving you heaps!

Each group session is a chance for you to work through your individual questions and delve into emotional patterns that are keeping you stuck in an unhealthy relationship with food.

Each session is conducted via video call.



Weekly modules

Each week, there will be a mini module to help you stay on track and get the most out of the program.

The weekly modules will help you:
– overcome emotional eating and binge eating
– reduce stress and guilt around food
– understand and eliminate your food cravings
– quit yo-yo dieting and cultivate a healthy, sustainable relationship with food

Intimate group support

The best part abut working as a group (apart from the savings $$) is having the support of like-minded women, who actually “get it”.

They know what you’ve been through, cause they’ve been there themselves.  And they’ll support you on your healing journey.

A sisterhood of like-minded women is a powerful thing.

Your Investment

Four weeks of 1:1 support from me would usually cost you $720.  However, as a special limited release, you can work with me through the Food Freedom 4 Week Program for just $97 (saving $623!).

Spaces are seriously limited, so get in quick if you want to be a part of the group.  I only have space for 8 people in this program.

A Holistic Approach

Naturopathy & Nutrition

As a university-qualified naturopath, I have the knowledge and experience to help you understand what foods work best for your body.


Kinesiology is an incredible modality that allows me to work with, clear and release any emotional patterns and memories that are keeping you stuck in an unhealthy cycle with food and eating habits.

Counselling Tools

I’ve done additional training in the very style of counselling that helped me overcome my emotional eating habits.  Just so I can help you do the same.

My Own Journey

I know exactly what you’re going through, because I’ve been there.  I used to yo-yo diet, followed by binge eating and uncontrollable cravings.  That’s why I’m so passionate about helping other women overcome those habits – I know how destructive they are.

Hey, I’m Danni

I still remember so clearly thinking that something must be wrong with me.  I knew what I needed to do to lose weight, I knew what foods to eat more of and which foods to eat less of.  So why couldn’t I find the willpower to stick to it, long-term?

I tried diet after diet and only managed to gain more weight than I ever lost.  I felt completely out of control and didn’t know what to do next.

That’s when I finally started looking at my habits of emotional eating, binge eating and food cravings – and began to work with those first.  Once I healed my relationship with food (no more stressing or feeling guilty for eating), I naturally found and maintained a healthy weight.  

But so much more than that – I felt like I had my life back.  No more emotional or binge eating.  Food no longer controlled me, and that was the most freedom I had ever experienced.

Now, as a naturopath and kinesiologist, I work with women all over the world and help them do the same – free themselves from food.



What People Are Saying

I’ve noticed serious changes. I don’t binge eat, my moods are more stable throughout the day, I don’t get HANGRY. Seriously magic advice.

Katrina d'Artois

“I think we’ve all come to expect that change should be difficult, but I tell everyone that with you, it’s the complete opposite!
I love what’s changed for me in just two weeks… I can’t wait for more and I can’t thank you enough for being such an incredibly skilled professional.”
Dawn Marsh

“Thank you Danni.  You are a true credit to your industry and showed me that a healthier diet is absolutely achievable in my busy life.”

Robyn Williams

Ready to Make a Change?

Spaces are reeaallly limited for this four week program – but it’s the perfect place to start if you’re ready to make lasting changes.

No one wants to feel controlled by food, right?  Join the program now and let’s get your life back!

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